Diana Sousa colorist photographDiana Sousa lives in Portugal, where she splits her time between all things design and illustration related, and all sorts of nerdy content. She currently works as a freelance graphic designer, and as a comic book colorist. She can be bribed with books, tea, chocolate, comic books, video games, Dungeons and Dragons shenanigans, dinosaurs, and yet more chocolate.

She’s currently working on the CRITICAL ROLE: THE MIGHTY NEIN ORIGINS: CALEB WIDOGAST and YASHA NYDOORIN graphic novels as a colorist, as well as on the CRITICAL ROLE: VOX MACHINA ORIGINS on-going series.

I’m open to coloring work, so please feel free to contact me with your projects.

You can see samples of my work in my homepage, and my design and illustration portfolio here. You can reach me at contact@dianasousa.com, or through my Contact page.


Thank you Triona Farrell for all your time and guidance.